MEXT Scholarships at NAIST

This program is open to all Master students, faculty members, researchers, or graduates from your
university who passionately wish to enroll and continue their studies in the NAIST doctoral program.
Unlike the usual year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, we will have a document screening
and online interview test first. Successful applicants can participate in the online discussion program and
will have a chance to become a candidate for the MEXT Scholarship University Recommendation.

Based on submitted documents and interview, we will confirm their suitability for the NAIST doctoral
program and select potential doctoral students. Participants who are eventually selected will be invited to
the online discussion program with members from laboratory which students wish to join in after their
enrollment. Also hopefully, if the situation allows, we would like to invite them to the internship program
with the financial support before their enrollment.( Internship and its period will be considered with and
depend on the situation.)
Participants who are eventually selected will be admitted to NAIST in October 2021 without any further
examination. Some excellent participants may be selected for scholarships. The selection is based on
this whole program. read more